Supply Your Own Towel

  • Regular size : Bust 42" and below

    Ext Size: Bust 43" and above (price is different) 

  • This is BASE PRICE only. Base price is for the "Classic Puff Sleeve" OR "Classic Babydoll" - see photos in the listing for style difference.
  • The base price covers sewing and patternwork only. You can provide the sleeve fabric if we feel that this is a good design/material choice. Make sure to email us the photos of your fabrics first at
  • If you want us to design for you, provide us 1 tea towel for the Classic Puff Sleeve dress and 2 tea towels for the Classic Babydoll dress. We charge for sourcing materials and curating a selection of  sleeve fabrics options like quilts and embroidered fabric and can run from $60-$130 more.  PLEASE clearly indicate your budget in an email and we can customize the sleeve options to fit it.
  • Lengthening sleeves or adding details (like ruffles/smocking) also adds to the cost. ($15 - $30)
  • Towel size - most standard towels are 26" x 15"/17" - please speficy the size of your towel when emailing us. 
  • If you want a longer towel (20"+), you will need to provide 2 towels for the Classic Puff Dress. 
  • For the Classic Babydoll Dress, our standard lenght is 32".  We can lower the neckline by 1" to add length. Just note at check out. 
  • Once you purchase, please send us a photo of your towel or towels, dimensions of the towels (in inches) and budget.
  • After details are discussed via email, we will provide you with the shipping address for your towel. At buyer's expense. We recommend insuring the package if the towel is rare or valuable. We are NOT responsible for tracking or lost packages.
  • Upon receipt, we will send you photos of sleeve options to go with your towel and prices (if applicable). Please allow us 1 week to source options for you.
  • Once you approve the design, we will send an invoice for any added costs (if applicable). Please pay promptly so we can start making your top ASAP!
  • The lead time starts upon design approval and receipt of full payment.


Important Note: Please READ

  • Custom requires a lot of back and forth. As much as we love chatting with our customers, we hope that you can provide clear information to make this smooth sailing as possible!
  • Please know that we are not your personal seamstress. Meaning, we can not make your own design. The design is limited to the patterns we already have. Lenghtening sleeves and lowering necklines are acceptable but we can not change necklines or silhouettes.
  • Please be respectful of the time it takes to source materials to match your towel, meaning, please BE CLEAR with your budget requirements UPFRONTso we can target this and not spend too much time sourcing on options you will never buy.
  • We reserve the right to terminate a collaboration if the customer becomes very demanding and unrealistic! We will charge for the time spent in sourcing. So please be nice so we can continue to provide this service for everyone! It should be a fun and magical time!


Made to order.

Allow 4 weeks and a few days for making the top, and handling/packing. Time starts after final approval of design and full payment.

Hand made in Los Angeles, CA.

All materials are either existing, thrifted or vintage. 100% up-cycled. Vintage materials could have some slight marking or staining/spots from age.

Supply Your Own Towel for DRESSES

  • Made from 100% vintage materials. Discoloration or stains from age are unavoidable.

    To care: hand wash with mild detergent on cold water. Do not scrub together or agitate. Quilt sleeves and the seams could fall apart if scrubbed too hard or put in the washer! Fill basin with water and detergent, shake water to create soap spuds and massage garment in water. Rinse, and squeeze excess water (do not wring!). Hang to dry. Iron low. Selina Sanders is not responsible for damage caused by mishandling or damages from normal wear of garments.