Made To Order. Allow 3-6 business days to complete.


Fully Embroidered Collar.

  • Sheer front and back. Fully embroidered with appliques in floral and stitched with baby blanket stitches. Vintage.
  • Ties are 100% cotton. Collar is 100% linen organdy



  • Shoulder seam: 4.5"
  • Front length: from highest point of shoulder to lowest part of collar 6.5"
  • Back length: 7"


Hand made in Los Angeles, CA.


All materials are either existing, thrifted or vintage. 100% up-cycled.

All Vintage materials could have some slight marking or staining/spots from age. We will try to mask but this is inherent to the nature of fabrics with history.

Multi Color Hand Applique Detachable Collar

  • Made from 100% vintage materials. Discoloration or stains from age are unavoidable.

    To care: hand wash with mild detergent on cold water. Do not scrub together or agitate. Quilt sleeves and the seams could fall apart if scrubbed too hard or put in the washer! Fill basin with water and detergent, shake water to create soap spuds and massage garment in water. Rinse, and squeeze excess water (do not wring!). Hang to dry. Iron low. Selina Sanders is not responsible for damage caused by mishandling or damages from normal wear of garments.