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We are offering tailoring services to any of our dresses or tops to be taken in when it's too big or loose.

Tailoring Guide:

- The lead time is 1-2 weeks

- We can only size down a dress or top, we can not add materials to size up

- We can not add lengths to garments. If a dress or top is too long, please let us know and we can discuss if an option is available to shorten it without compromising the design.


At check out:

- Please provide your bust size in inches- PLEASE BE VERY CLEAR and double check this. Once we cut into a fabric, we can not go back, so make sure to give us accurate measurements. We do add a little ease to the bust size you give us unless otherwise specified. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for a garment that has been sized down incorrectly due to wrong information provided by the customer.


- If you purchased multiple pieces, please identify the item by the listing the name of the item that you would like sized down

- If you are sending us a dress or top that you bought in the past that needs to be taken in, the customer pays for shipping to us and back to you. Shipping cost is $15-18 USD and up for Domestic Shipping (depending on the weight of the garment). Please send us a NOTE HERE

, before sending your item to us.



Hand made in Altadena CA.

All materials are either existing, thrifted or vintage. 100% up-cycled. Vintage materials could have some slight marking or staining/spots from age.

Alteration/Tailoring For Tops and Dresses

  • Made from 100% vintage materials. Discoloration or stains from age are unavoidable.

    To care: hand wash with mild detergent on cold water. Do not scrub together or agitate. Quilt sleeves and the seams could fall apart if scrubbed too hard or put in the washer! Fill basin with water and detergent, shake water to create soap spuds and massage garment in water. Rinse, and squeeze excess water (do not wring!). Hang to dry. Iron low. Selina Sanders is not responsible for damage caused by mishandling or damages from normal wear of garments.

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